Monday, 24 October 2016

New era: Beginnings

00:55 on the 24th of October 2016 I decided to start something. A concept already existing but with a twist that only I could incorporate. I did not know how things would work and whether I will master it but I had faith and here it is. This is The Dolphin Diaries by Temaswati AKA Lady Tih.
These diary entries will be inspired by my daily experiences, emotions, moods or situations. They will not have a fixed category. They will just be random, unique, boundless and raw. 

Hello Ha and Welcome

My name is Nothando Brucidious Nhlengethwa. Yes, Brucidious. I am new to this but if you choose to stay and bare with my blunders, I promise I will make it worthwhile.

I am here to cheer, share but most of all, I am here to vent. I will be sharing anything that could be all things about everything (:') - see what I did there? If you caught my drift then me and you are one step closer to being bestest of friends.

You are probably wondering where "this girl is from?!". Well, I'm not from space that's for sure. I am just another being exploring their craft in writing and exploring my opinions.

Welcome to fun.

Nhlengetwa. Thumbela.